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<?php error_reporting(E_ALL&~E_WARNING&~E_NOTICE);
 * Example for sending and receiving Messages via the System V Message Queue
 * To try this script run it synchron/asynchron twice times. One time with ?type=send and one time with ?type=receive
 * @author     Thomas Eimers - Mehrkanal GmbH
 * This document is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty;
 * without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
header('Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1');
echo "Start...\n";
// Create System V Message Queue. Integer value is the number of the Queue
//$queue = msg_get_queue(100379);
$mesg_key = ftok(__FILE__, 'm');
$mesg_id = msg_get_queue($mesg_key, 0666);
$queue = $mesg_id;
// Sendoptions
$serialize_needed=false; // Must the transfer data be serialized ?
$block_send=false;    // Block if Message could not be send (Queue full...) (true/false)
$msgtype_send=1;     // Any Integer above 0. It signeds every Message. So you could handle multible message
             // type in one Queue.
// Receiveoptions
$msgtype_receive=1;    // Whiche type of Message we want to receive ? (Here, the type is the same as the type we send,
             // but if you set this to 0 you receive the next Message in the Queue with any type.
$maxsize=100;       // How long is the maximal data you like to receive.
$option_receive=MSG_IPC_NOWAIT; // If there are no messages of the wanted type in the Queue continue without wating.
             // If is set to NULL wait for a Message.
// Send or receive 20 Messages
for ($i=0;$i<20;$i++) {
 $message='Hello, This is Flandy,now is '.date("H:i:s",time());   // Transfering Data
 // This one sends
  if (isset($_GET['type'])&&$_GET['type']=='send') {
  if(msg_send($queue,$msgtype_send, $message,$serialize_needed, $block_send,$err)===true) {
   echo "The ".$i." Message has been sent, the messge is ".$message."\n";
  } else {
 // This one received
 } else {
   echo 'Get Messages in the queue: '.$queue_status['msg_qnum']."\n";
   echo "\n";
  if ($queue_status['msg_qnum']>0) {
   if (msg_receive($queue,$msgtype_receive ,$msgtype_erhalten,$maxsize,$daten,$serialize_needed, $option_receive, $err)===true) {
       echo "Received data:".$daten."\n";
   } else {

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