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Retrieves a collection, in source order, of all controls in a given form. input type=image objects are excluded from the collection.


[ oColl = ] FORM.elements
[ oObject = ] FORM.elements(vIndex [, iSubIndex])

Possible Values

oCollArray of button, input, select, and textArea objects.
oObjectReference to an individual item in the array of elements contained by the object.
vIndexRequired. Integer or string that specifies the element or collection to retrieve. If this parameter is an integer, the method returns the element in the collection at the given position, where the first element has value 0, the second has 1, and so on. If this parameter is a string and there is more than one element with the name or id property equal to the string, the method returns a collection of matching elements.
iSubIndexOptional. Position of an element to retrieve. This parameter is used when vIndex is a string. The method uses the string to construct a collection of all elements that have a name or id property equal to the string, and then retrieves from this collection the element at the position specified by iSubIndex.

Members Table

length Sets or retrieves the number of objects in a collection.
item Retrieves an object from the all collection or various other collections.
namedItem   Retrieves an object or a collection from the specified collection.
tags Retrieves a collection of objects that have the specified HTML tag name.
urns Retrieves a collection of all objects to which a specified behavior is attached.


This collection can contain any combination of the button, input, select, and textArea objects. For compatibility with existing Web content, however, input type=image objects are excluded.

A complete list of form controls is provided in the Introduction to Forms.

Standards Information

This collection is defined in World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Document Object Model (DOM) Level 1 Non-Microsoft link.

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