onrowexit Event

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Fires just before the data source control changes the current row in the object.


Inline HTML<ELEMENT onrowexit = "handler" ... > All platforms
Event propertyobject.onrowexit = handlerJScript only
object.onrowexit = GetRef("handler")Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) 5.0 or later only
Named script <SCRIPT FOR = object EVENT = onrowexit> Internet Explorer only

Event Information

To invoke Change rows in the data source.
Default action Signals that the row in the databound object is about to be changed.

Event Object Properties

Although event handlers in the DHTML Object Model do not receive parameters directly, a handler can query an event object for data.

Available Properties

altKey Sets or retrieves a value that indicates the state of the ALT key.
altLeft Sets or retrieves a value that indicates the state of the left ALT key.
ctrlLeft Sets or retrieves the state of the left CTRL key.
qualifier Sets or retrieves the name of the data member provided by a data source object.
recordset Sets or retrieves from a data source object a reference to the default record set.
returnValue Sets or retrieves the return value from the event.
shiftLeft Retrieves the state of the left SHIFT key.
srcElement Sets or retrieves the object that fired the event.
type Sets or retrieves the event name from the event object.


The onrowexit event only fires on databound objects. This event applies to objects that identify themselves as data providers.

Standards Information

There is no public standard that applies to this event.

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