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Sets or retrieves the source of the data for data binding.


Scriptingobject.dataSrc [ = sID ]

Possible Values

sIDString that specifies or receives the identifier of the data source.

The property is read/write. The property has no default value.

Expressions can be used in place of the preceding value(s), as of Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5. For more information, see About Dynamic Properties.


Tabular and single-valued data consumers use the dataSrc property to specify a binding. The property takes a string that corresponds to the unique identifier of a data source object (DSO) on the page. The string must be prefixed by a number sign (#).

When the dataSrc property is applied to a tabular data consumer, the entire data set is repeated by the consuming elements.

When the dataSrc property is applied to a table, any contained single-valued consumer objects that specify a dataFld property are repeated for each record in the supplied data set. To complete the binding, the binding agent interrogates the enclosing table for its data source. A tabular data consumer contained within another tabular data consumer (table) must specify an explicit dataSrc.


In this example, a text box is bound to the customer_name field of a data source object with an ID of "customer". Because the text box is located within a data-bound table, the text box is repeated to display each of the records provided by the data source.

<TABLE DATASRC="#customer">

Standards Information

There is no public standard that applies to this property.

Applies To

A, APPLET, BUTTON, DIV, FRAME, IFRAME, IMG, INPUT type=button, INPUT type=checkbox, INPUT type=hidden, INPUT type=image, INPUT type=password, INPUT type=radio, INPUT type=text, LABEL, MARQUEE, SELECT, SPAN, TABLE, TEXTAREA

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