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TinyMCE是一个轻量级的基于浏览器的所见即所得编辑器,支持目前流行的各种浏览器,采用JavaScript/ECMAScript开发,主要特性包括主题/模板支持,多语言支持(包括简体中文),支持通过插件的方式进行扩展。功能配置灵活简单(两行代码就可以将编辑器嵌入网页中),支持AJAX。另一特点是加载速度非常快,如果你的服务器采用的脚本语言是 PHP,那还可以进一步优化。最重要的是,TinyMCE是一个根据LGPL license发布的自由软件,你可以把它用于商业应用。
TinyMCE v3.5 b3 changelog:
Added cancel button to colour picker dialog.
Added figure and figcaption to the html5 visualblocks plugin.
Added default alignment options for the figure element.
Fixed bug where empty inline elements within block elements would sometimes produce a br child element.
Fixed bug where urls pointing to the same domain as the current one would cause undefined errors. Patch contributed by Paul Giberson.
Fixed bug where enter inside an editable element inside an non editable element would split the element.
Fixed bug where cut/copy/paste of noneditable elements didn't work.
Fixed bug where backspace would sometimes produce font elements on WebKit.
Fixed bug where WebKit would produce spans out of various inline elements when using backspace.
Fixed bug where IE9 wouldn't properly update image styles when images where resized.
Fixed bug where drag/drop of noneditable elements didn't work correctly.
Fixed bug where applying formatting to all contents wouldn't work correctly when an end point was inside an empty bock. Patch contributed by Jose Luiz.
Fixed bug where IE10 removed the scopeName from the DOM element interface and there for it produced an undefined string in element path.
Fixed bug where the caret would be placed at an incorrect location if you applied block formatting while having the caret at the end of the block.
Fixed bug where applying column changes using the cell dialog would only update the first column. Patch contributed by krzyko.
Fixed bug where the visualblocks plugin would force editor focus if it was turned on by default.
Fixed bug where the tabfocus plugin would tab to iframes these are now ignored.
Fixed bug where format drop down list wouldn't show the currently active format for a parent element.
Fixed bug where paste of plain text in IE 9 would remove the new line characters from text.
Fixed bug where the menu buttons/split button menus wouldn't be opened at the right location on older IE versions.
Fixed bug where Gecko browsers wouldn't properly display the right format when having the selection as specific places.
Fixed bug where shift+enter inside the body when having forced_root_blocks set to false would throw an error.
Fixed bug where the jQuery plugin would break the attr method of jQuery 1.7.2. Patch contributed by Markus Kemmerling.
Fixed so options like content_css accepts and array as well as a comma separated string as input.
Restructured the internal logic to make it more separate from Editor.js.
Updated the Sizzle engine to the latest version.


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